How to Repaint on a Budget

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Repainting any space is one quick way of freshening up your home, but $30 a gallon for premium quality paint is no joke because a medium-sized bedroom requires 2 to 3 gallons of paint. If you are prepared for a new look but only have a few dollars to splurge, these seven ideas will assist you to find and access the paint you need to change the look of your walls without spending a fortune.

Repaint on a BudgetCheck your local recycling center

Recycling centers often take paint from local businesses that need to dispose of old, unused paint. Since paint has a long shelf life, most of the paint thrown away in these centers are still good and usable. The best bit is that you can collect such paints free!

Stop by the hardware store frequently

Paint specialty stores, hardware stores and Wal-Marts often have sections for mis-tints where they display and sell discolored paint products for a fraction of its initial cost. For instance, you can sometimes buy a $35 gallon of premium quality paint for under $15 at Lowes.

Invest in better paint

For paints, the quality you get depends on the amount you are willing to pay. Even though you may not think of going for the most expensive paint products, higher-end paints cover better, prompting the need to use less paint. They are also less messy and tend to be more durable, giving you a long-lasting impression.

Use primer

At times, you do not have to use primer, but if you are painting raw drywall, wood, rough surfaces, or stained surfaces, you need to use a primer. Moreover, if you are dramatically changing the color of your surfaces, the primer will help you to paint the cover better, thus the need for less paint. One layer of primer and one layer of paint is cheaper than two or three layers of paint.

Learn to paint like a pro

Amateur painters tend to squeeze out all paint from the roller every time. This rather makes sense, as you would use all the paint on the roller. However, rolling on thicker coats with a lighter touch uses less paint and appears more professional.

Buy in bulk

Purchasing paint in the five-gallon can is much cheaper than purchasing it in one-gallon containers. A five-gallon paint bucket costs about the same as four one-gallon buckets, thus securing a whole gallon of paint free. If you are painting a bigger area, pick one color to use for a greater fraction of the surface and you can save money.

Cover your rollers and brushes.

At times, it takes some days to complete a massive painting project. If you feel the need to pause before you finish a paint color, do not rinse the brushes and rollers.  This is only a waste of paint and time! Instead, tightly wrap them in plastic bags and tie with a rubber band. When you are ready to continue the next day, just unwrap, and you are ready to go.

However, the easiest way of saving on paint is by buying smaller quantities. If you are on a tight budget, consider redecorating your room with an accent wall, rather than painting the entire surface. The other excellent way of upgrading the appearance of a room if you still like the current color scheme is by painting the ceiling with a lighter version of the wall color.

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Do It Yourself Tips for House Painting in Plano TX

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From that deck in the back yard to the home window seat in the living room, there are numerous kinds of house improvement jobs property owners try to tackle everyday. While most of these jobs wind up successful, some people inevitably attack off more than they can eat. With these residence enhancement pointers, you could stay clear of making the very common blunders beginners make when they try to tackle DIY house painting in Plano TX.House Painting in Plano TX

  • When adding a fresh coat of paint to white ceilings, make use of a pink ceiling paint to make certain that you don’t miss any spots. These particularly colored paints roll on pink but completely dry white, making it simpler to tell if you have totally covered the old ceiling and eliminating that frustrating patchy look.
  • Make up a cabinet strategy prior to placing the order. Be certain to think about where your devices are going to go and where the hook ups and plumbing run.
  • You need to never ever enable a specialist to start deal with your job without a signed agreement. If in any way possible, have the contract reviewed by a legal representative before proceeding. Beginning and also complete days, guarantee information, the work to be carried out and also the total expense should all be clearly spelled out in the agreement.
  • A great residence enhancement pointer is to employ a good designer or designer if you are not one on your own. Despite the fact that this will cost you loan, you should spend cash in order to make good plans that work. On top of that, you may require a permit or license for certain zoning or environmental restrictions. Specialists are needed to allow you know of these things and also to give you the details on the authorizations or licenses that are required. For the best house painting in Plano TX, talk to The Paint Pro Guys and also request for our wonderful paint solutions.
  • You could entirely transform the look of an area by utilizing paint styles that are trending today. Seek out on the current painting fads on the web as well as determine if on your perfect painting look. Likewise, talk with paint professionals to make sure that they can aid you pick shade mixes and color structures that will bring out the best out of your walls.

Keep in mind, a skilled painting professional will constantly do a far better job as compared to an amateur DIY painter. Simply think of all the devices you need to get. The labor prices you believe you may save will most likely to your paint equipment therefore it will set you back more than having it painted by an experienced painter. If you’re still having uncertainties, speak to the experts in house painting in Plano TX to consider your alternatives.

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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Accent Wall

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An accent wall is painted a different color on every other wall. Accent walls may be used to attract attention to a particular section of the room, highlight the accent shades in the interior design or set the tone for the room. Different people employ various methods and below are some of the guidelines to get you started.

Accent WallHighlight the Accent Colors

Some people base their accent wall colors on the other colors found in the room. Accent colors are the shades scattered throughout an entire color scheme that ties out the overall style without dominating the color palette. They are chosen since they make the dominating color stand out. Accent colors show you how to feel when you enter into a space.

Numerous paint companies would recommend potential accent colors that go with every shade they manufacture. For instance, Benjamin Moore recommends painting Edgecomb Gray with colors such as Burnt Russet and Squirrel tail. These accent colors create a natural option to paint an accent wall as long as these colors are used elsewhere in the room.

Go By Mood

Color helps to define a space, mimicking personality, and generating mood. When picking colors, think of the atmosphere you would wish to create. An accent wall sets the tone of a room, displaying the personality of the homeowner. Colors like aqua, blue, and softer grayed tones in violets and pinks can introduce a feel of calmness in any space. Gray is equally a perfect calming color option and can be coated with many other colors to create a serene environment. For instance, one room with a particular color shade displays a different personality than the other.

Be Bold and Brave

Bold, colorful shades are great accent wall paint colors since they accentuate the surface without overwhelming it. Many homeowners fear painting the entire room with bright color shades on grounds that the paint would become tiring and overpowering. When selecting a color for your accent wall, consider picking a bright, bold color. Accent walls present the best opportunity to use bright paint colors without fearing the surface will become dark, for instance, when using more vivid colors in your decorative accessories all over the space but seem too bold for the entire surface.

Choose Related Colors

Colors, which relate to one another on the color wheel, would naturally blend without conflicting. If you are not familiar with the necessities and fundamentals of color relationships, turn to the experts for guidance on how to design a logical color scheme.

Select What You Love

The most crucial thing to do when choosing color shades for your accent walls is only to pick colors that you admire. Do not distress about what is popular or trendy. Instead, remember that you will be living with these colors for some time. Additionally, the colors you admire should appear in your accessory choices and furniture options that would make it easier to develop a unified and comprehensive color scheme.

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Things to Know Before Hiring a Professional Painter

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Painting a residential building is more or less similar to painting a commercial building. Whereas painting a residential home is solely for visual purposes and protection, a commercial enterprise would paint its establishment for the sole reason of attracting its clients. Such enterprises have higher expectations regarding the total time taken by color to wear out, and quality of paint job done.

Hiring a Professional PainterCorporate colors are paramount to any business enterprise, and different clients would perceive it differently. As a business entity, you have to stay informed of how customers view the colors you use, and what messages the colors pass. For this reason, professional painters tend to keep their services at par and to maintain their reliability amongst their clients.

Commercial color consultations and advice.

The colors you opt to go for, whether for a commercial or residential space, plays a great role in making others understand what you are after. Try to seek advice from commercial painters who have the relevant skills and expertise in the field. Most of these painters are willing to assist you in any way possible. By doing so, you are in a better position of making one among the many tough decisions for your business.

Professional commercial painters prefer using contracts for their projects.

As a serious business owner, you would probably expect the artist you hire to conduct all his activities in a professional manner. It would not be ideal for him to submit notes that are hand sketched. Such conduct is a definite indication that it is high time you find yourself a new contractor.

A professional contractor presents all his estimates in a detailed and organized manner. The number of pages availed to you, therefore, depends on the total work you need to be done.

Commercial painters have the right certification and operating licenses

For professionals, there are extra costs.  You need to acquire professional services at its best. These include proper insurance and licensing. These two items appear to be distinct requirements that each painter has, but upon keen inquiry, you would be disappointed to realize that your painter has none of these.

The quality of paint and coatings used.

Different manufacturers make a variety of paint brands, which are not equal in quality. A professional painter would go for the best paint brands approved to be of the highest quality by the relevant authorities. Normally, paint manufacturing is for different purposes; it is therefore up to the painting professional to take it upon himself and stay at the top edge of the art technology. Take note of the quality and brand of paints used by your contractors, even though they claim to offer or use a particular brand.


Interior painting warranty is an important aspect of any painting job. Many would offer this guarantee, but the chances are high that they would not fulfill it. Such contractors do not take their time to do a professional paint job for you, and would most definitely not be available when you need them after the wall begins flaking.

To be sure that a contractor is true to his word, he should offer you a written warranty. If you are not yet satisfied with that, check his reference, his reputation and the length of time he has been in that particular industry. The duration would tell you whether the contractor is to be trusted or not.

Property protection, preparation work and working on your business.

Painting a commercial or business space poses numerous challenges to the contractor. One example of these, which many people have to put up with, is that you cannot paint during business or work hours. For this reason, the contractor has to make time and do his job at night or during odd hours.

The other primary challenge experienced is when it comes to the protection of your merchandise or property. You will have to cover some of the inventory at one point in time to avoid the overspray of paint. Exhaust systems and ventilations also pose a high risk and therefore you have to be prepared accordingly for potential fumes.

Different projects have different requirements, which are unique to that job. A professional contractor will try his best to figure out what is the best possible route to go about this.

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Startup Needs to Start Your Own Painting Company

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The need to start up your very own painting company depends on the level you want to offer your services. You may start with a small investment in the tools and training, but as you will look to expand your business, you would have to increase your investment. You will have to decide between exterior or interior painting, and all your needs will vary according to it.

Start Your Own Painting CompanyPlan Your Business

Before starting a new business, you would have to plan it carefully. Business plans outlines all details about the type of business, goals, customer type and ongoing operational needs. You should make a clear mission statement along with strategies for marketing and advertising. A business plan acts as a manual to your business and is required to take loans from the lending institutions. Use websites such as score to assist for your business plans or you may hire a business consultant to do the job for you.


You may be an experienced painter but will need professional training to learn expert tips and tricks and complete your work more efficiently. You may join art schools, or you can learn from training manuals on your own. Training companies found online are in buzz these days, but you can also get the required tuning by working as an apprentice to a Painting contractor.

Legal Requisites

Legal necessities are the most exhausting startup need. You will need to acquire permits and licenses. First of all, you will need to decide whether your business structure is a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation or a limited liability company. You will also need the following legal necessities:

a) local business permit
b) state sales tax certificate
c) contractor’s license
d) Employer ID number
e) Taxpayer ID number

All these application forms can be found online and mailed to you.

Painting Paraphernalia
You will need the best tools and equipment to offer the best services. You will learn about the tools required for the training, and you can get additional information from your painting supply distributor. You will need a big and attractive vehicle to reflect your professional image and carry your tools from one place to another.

Advertising and Marketing
You may have the best set of skills in your city, but you need the best advertising and commercialization strategies to attract the customers to your company. You should have an eye-catching billboard and business name. Other marketing materials compromise of business cards, brochures, and vehicle signage. You would also need to print your ads in the local newspapers and community-based websites. Remember startups are not an easy task. Painting buildings is a creative and enjoyable job. You need to have experience and a shrewd nature in to become successful. Painting contractors must have the skills to bid on a job or hire people along with the artistic skills. You will have to do a lot of perseverance and hard work in the beginning but if you remain loyal to your job you will do wonders for your business.



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Things to Consider When Estimating a Painting Job

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It is critical to come up with the right price for painting a building whether you are bidding or not. If your rates are too low, you will not make any profits, and if your rates are again too high, there is a strong possibility that you’ll miss out on the job. One must know the final price you quote includes the cost of materials, wages scale, and other expenses incurred.

painting stripes

Factors to consider when assessing a painting job:

  1. Appraise the job. Visit the project site and evaluate whether it will be a quick job or a long lasting job. One can achieve this through studying the surface texture of the walls, how high the walls are, see whether there is the presence of indoor built fixtures and whether there are some obstructions such as hose mounts.
  2. Calculating the square footage this helps one to achieve the most accurate assessment of paint amounts required to complete fully the task given, one may get the total square footage using the basic formula which is

Area= length*width

Where by one finds the: length by adding the length of all four walls together and subtracting 20 and 15 square feet per door and window respectively also this step applies for the width.

  1. Calculating the paint needs. This calculation depends on the square footage of the architectural plan and plan of using two coats of paints. According to research, it shows that a gallon of paint will cover approximate 300 to 350 for textured or rough walls, and 350 to 400 square feet on the smooth surface. You also need to include an extra 10% of the total paint used, as wastage.
  2. Factoring the cost of consumables. Consumable costs include all the expenses to be included in the painting job such as the cost of items like masks, booties, paper painters tape, cleaning supplies, and other disposables.
  3. The labor supply this includes both the non-skilled semi-skilled and skilled workforce in that a very experienced artist completes the job quickly and efficiently done then a new painter.
  4. Factoring in the indirect cost incurred. If it is an organization or a business entity, you must have a definite overhead amount you need to account for and include it in labor cost.
  5. Taking into consideration current market rates for the area and client base. Establishing the market rates should involve a professional where who tries to figure out applicable exchange rates by using the following methods: the cost of living analysis index, which is evaluated by assessing the amount of time you need as a professional and finding out what the painters in the area charge by requesting a ballpark quote. Also, remember contractors will bid competitively that’s not higher than the competition unless when other factors are included such as high quality which makes a marked superiority.
  6. Take note that experience counts a lot. An experienced painter is more expensive than someone who is new to the market. These rates vary because the qualified individual familiarized with the job and he knows how to handled challenges when they arise and how to avoid obstacles.
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