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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Accent Wall

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in Painting | Comments Off on How to Choose the Right Color for Your Accent Wall

An accent wall is painted a different color on every other wall. Accent walls may be used to attract attention to a particular section of the room, highlight the accent shades in the interior design or set the tone for the room. Different people employ various methods and below are some of the guidelines to get you started.

Accent WallHighlight the Accent Colors

Some people base their accent wall colors on the other colors found in the room. Accent colors are the shades scattered throughout an entire color scheme that ties out the overall style without dominating the color palette. They are chosen since they make the dominating color stand out. Accent colors show you how to feel when you enter into a space.

Numerous paint companies would recommend potential accent colors that go with every shade they manufacture. For instance, Benjamin Moore recommends painting Edgecomb Gray with colors such as Burnt Russet and Squirrel tail. These accent colors create a natural option to paint an accent wall as long as these colors are used elsewhere in the room.

Go By Mood

Color helps to define a space, mimicking personality, and generating mood. When picking colors, think of the atmosphere you would wish to create. An accent wall sets the tone of a room, displaying the personality of the homeowner. Colors like aqua, blue, and softer grayed tones in violets and pinks can introduce a feel of calmness in any space. Gray is equally a perfect calming color option and can be coated with many other colors to create a serene environment. For instance, one room with a particular color shade displays a different personality than the other.

Be Bold and Brave

Bold, colorful shades are great accent wall paint colors since they accentuate the surface without overwhelming it. Many homeowners fear painting the entire room with bright color shades on grounds that the paint would become tiring and overpowering. When selecting a color for your accent wall, consider picking a bright, bold color. Accent walls present the best opportunity to use bright paint colors without fearing the surface will become dark, for instance, when using more vivid colors in your decorative accessories all over the space but seem too bold for the entire surface.

Choose Related Colors

Colors, which relate to one another on the color wheel, would naturally blend without conflicting. If you are not familiar with the necessities and fundamentals of color relationships, turn to the experts for guidance on how to design a logical color scheme.

Select What You Love

The most crucial thing to do when choosing color shades for your accent walls is only to pick colors that you admire. Do not distress about what is popular or trendy. Instead, remember that you will be living with these colors for some time. Additionally, the colors you admire should appear in your accessory choices and furniture options that would make it easier to develop a unified and comprehensive color scheme.

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