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Increasing Your House Value with Improvement

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How to renovate house is the most frequently
asked question online. Is it possible to boost your house value with a renovation?
The answer is, “Yes.” Renovation is a crucial project that increases your home
value and generates higher profits when you sell your home. These projects
range from kitchen remodeling, window replacement, painting to curb appeal.


The kitchen is not a space for cooking in
your home. It is the central area of your house and a social hub for your
family. It is a room in your house that most prospective buyers pay attention
to – so, it is wise to renovate this room by hiring a professional kitchen
renovation company.

Experts recommend spending at least 10% of
your home value on your kitchen. Others advise 15%. A kitchen renovation
project can increase between 5% and 10% of your home value. Bear in mind that an
increase in value also depends on your property’s location.


Like your kitchen, we recommend spending your
money on your bathroom. A fresh bathroom can appeal to all kinds of prospective
buyers, including young families, senior citizens, and even empty nesters.

That’s why bathrooms return between $1.50 and
$2.00 for every dollar you spend on a renovation. The average cost of a
bathroom renovation is between $5,000 and $3,000, depending on your property’s
location and the number of fixtures you will add to it.

On the lower end of the scale, you will
repaint and replace some tapware tiles, switch out the vanity, or replace a
toilet. On the upper end, the project will involve a full refit of baths,
showers, and other fixtures installations.

Indoor Living Areas

How to renovate house? Although kitchen and
bathroom renovation can cost a lot of money, they can increase your home value.
On the other hand, improving a bedroom and lounge is far more affordable than
kitchen or bathroom renovation because you won’t deal with gas or plumbing.

You can also stay away from complex and
technical electrical work. So, in most situations, you won’t need to hire a
professional contractor. A wallpaper replacement or fresh paint is an excellent
place to start.

If you want to carry out the project yourself,
this will set you back little more than the cost of cans of paint, some floor
covering, and rollers. You can also consider new carpeting, door and frame
touch-ups, updated light fixtures, and new window furnishings.


How to renovate house? There are various home
improvement projects you can choose from, so why is painting your house one of
the most popular tasks for homeowners? Research shows that painting can
increase home value, enhance curb appeal, and protect the exterior and interior
surfaces underneath.

It also helps hide permanent marks and
stains. Unlike other projects, it is the least expensive remodel. Not only does
painting contribute to the positive energy in the living space, but it also
enhances the outlook for you as a homeowner.

A coat of paint brings a fantastic
transformation to your home, leading to overwhelming joy and refreshed and a renewed
sense of pride in your house. New paint is an excellent way to start fresh and
give your property a second life.

Remember, painting is a process you should
take seriously if you want to increase your home value. Hiring home painting
services near me can help define the scope of the painting project, give you
estimates and choose suitable colors.

Professional home painting services have
experienced painters who will prep the area, prime the surfaces and carry out
the painting adequately. An experienced contractor also cleans up after the
painting project.

Moreover, it is tempting to look at the final
numbers and choose a painting contractor who will give you a low estimate. However,
when you hire professional home painting services, you will get the most out of
your investment because a reputable company has painters who follow a
step-by-step approach to get the job done well.

Final Words

Home renovation is crucial because it increases
your asset value, allowing you to generate higher profits when selling your
house in the future. There are various renovation projects you can choose from,
such as HVAC maintenance or replacement, fixing roof leaks, plumbing issues,
electrical problems, kitchen remodel, bathroom up-gradation, living space
decoration, curb appeal, and painting.

Home renovation is directly proportional to
attracting more prospective buyers. That way, you increase the chances of
selling your home for a top dollar. How to renovate house – follow the tips and
tricks in this article to achieve your goals.

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Home Improvement Secrets for Increasing Your Home's Value for Resale

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There are various factors in selling a house.
Planning is important when preparing yourself for selling your residential
property for a higher profit. Not planning or following a step-by-step approach
can lead to complications that hinder you from streamlining the selling
process. In today’s article, we will give you a list of factors in selling a
house. Read on!

Factors in Selling a House

Home improvement projects are essential for
boosting your house value. Homeowners in the U.S spend over $400 billion every
year to improve their residential properties and increase their resale values. Although
you can carry out as many projects as you want, you can’t ignore the following
factors in selling a house.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodeling project is an excellent
way to add value to your home. Although kitchen trends come and go, homeowners
who focus on quality design can increase their home value without worrying
about the changing trends.

For instance, stainless steel appliances are
still a popular choice for many homeowners when it comes to kitchen appliances.
In addition, appliances can last for many years if you maintain them properly.

If you had failed to renovate or remodel your
kitchen when you moved in, your appliance would look dated. Remember, this can
make your home less attractive to prospective buyers.

The good news is that you don’t need to carry
out a full-scale kitchen remodel if you are short on budget. You can paint
cabinets, upgrade hardware, and install new appliances without spending a lot
of money. Research shows that even minor remodeling projects can generate over
80% of return on investments (ROIs).

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most crucial
factors in selling a house. Remodeling your bathroom can add value to your
residential property, leading to increased ROIs. You get value from such a
project even if the trend changes.

However, it is wise to consult a professional
bathroom remodeling company for a universal and evergreen design. For instance,
tile sizes come in and out of style and fashion. Small tiles usually give away
to large tiles, and the plain ones give away to patterned ones.

Consulting a professional allows you to choose
the right fixtures for your bathroom. We recommend focusing on low-flow
toilets, water-conserving toilets, faucets, etc., to make your home more
attractive to prospective buyers.

HVAC Upgrade

Maintaining or upgrading your HVAC system is
one of the most important factors in selling a house. If you fail to maintain
your central air conditioner, you will suffer the consequences and sell your
home for a lower price. The reason is that most prospective buyers look for a
well-maintained or recently upgraded HVAC system.

Make sure you hire a professional HVAC
technician for inspection and maintenance. A licensed company can also help you
choose the right-size air conditioner if you wish to upgrade the equipment.

Install New Windows

Many homeowners ignore installing new windows
as a home improvement project because they think that this project can disrupt
the entire process. However, this is a misconception. Installing new windows
can significantly increase your home value.

Not only are new windows energy efficient,
but they also preserve the cool and warm air inside your home than older
windows. New windows are modern and come with double and triple panes. On the
other hand, old windows have a single pane that does not maintain cool and warm
air in the indoor space. Continue reading!

Home Painting Project

Home painting is one of the most critical
factors in selling a house. Most prospective buyers look for the aesthetic
appeal of your home, and the best way to spruce up your house is by carrying
out a home painting project. Although home painting is an underrated tool, it
can increase your home value and generate higher returns on investments.

If you don’t want to hire a professional
painter, you can get the primer and paint and get the job done yourself.
However, when you hire licensed and experienced painting services, you can
generate higher ROIs. Make sure you focus on interior and exterior painting
because both generate higher ROIs.

Final Words

Home selling is a daunting task for many
homeowners, especially those with a limited budget who can’t carry home
improvement projects. The good news is that even if you have a limited budget,
you can perform specific tasks to increase your home value. Consider the
factors in selling a house to achieve your house-selling goals efficiently.

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Easy Home Improvement Projects That Will Raise Your Home's Value

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you plan to sell a home, you need to consider all critical factors in selling a house. Home improvement, including home painting work, is one of the
factors which will significantly boost your house value.


most home improvement ideas are constantly changing, especially if you want to
raise your home value. New designs, upgrades, products, and remodels are
popping up every day. There are always new things to learn and try to achieve
the best quality possible for your money when improving your home.


upgrading the whole house sounds reasonable, especially when preparing to sell
your home, it’s costly and time-consuming. You may not have the money for the
entire renovation works, and sometimes you may have limited time to complete
the renovations.


you should not forgo all the renovations. You can identify a few cost-effective
renovations to give your house a new touch of class. The upgrades are easy to
implement and don’t require a lot of money. After implementing them, you will
reasonably increase your house value.

5 Easy Home Improvement Projects

improvement to raise the house value, the impression matters. Therefore, you
should focus on the main areas, which are the clients’ points of interest. They
include the walls, the floors, doors and windows, and the general comfort when
inside the house.


there are many home improvements you can do, from a home painting by hand instead of using a machine to installing
patio doors to adding a loft bedroom for children, let’s look at some of the
ideas you can try out.


is the easiest way to make your home look newer and fresher. According to research
by HomeGain 2012, internal painting leads to a 107% return on investment. You
can choose an affordable and contemporary color that will be trendy even after
five years from now.


newly painted house gives an impression of a new and quality home. Notably,
painting work should not be expensive and time-consuming. You can paint your
house at a reasonable cost and still significantly increase the house value.

HVAC system

is critical when determining a house value. A sound AC system is one of the
things that contribute to the overall house comfort. A house with a properly
maintained AC system has a higher value than a house without a functional AC.


you can raise your value by focusing on installing and maintaining a
functioning AC.  The house will be
fantastic even during summer when the temperatures outside the home are

Doors and Windows

and windows are an essential part of any home, and if they are not adequately
taken care of, they can harm your home’s value. There are a few things you can
do to fix and enhance the effectiveness and appeal of the doors and windows.
Doors and windows upgrade projects include;


       Replacing damaged doors and windows

       Removing old layers of paint from
exterior doors and repainting exterior doors

       Installing window screens

       Repairing or replacing window sills


and ensuring all the doors and windows are in good shape can raise the house
value. Therefore, you should prioritize doors and windows repairs when carrying
out upgrading projects. 


of the most common ways to update your home is to replace the flooring. It’s a
great way to give your house a new look and make all the rooms look newer. New
flooring can help increase your home’s value if you’re selling it or even if
you’re looking to do a quick update.


are different flooring options you can consider based on your budget. Hardwood
flooring is the most expensive, but it’s also the most durable and
aesthetically pleasing. Cement floors are cheaper in comparison, but they’re
usually not as well-suited for high-traffic areas.


can’t have a home improvement project without thinking about the lighting!
Lighting is essential for safety, convenience, and ambiance. These are some
easy ways to improve your home’s lighting:


       Install motion-activated lights

       Install outdoor lights for safety
and security

       Install an outdoor light for

       Install brighter or more decorative
light bulbs.


and modern lighting can make your house look and feel unique. While the cost of
buying the lighting accessories is reasonable, it’s one of the easiest ways you
can make your house value shoot up.


these easy home improvement ideas will help you increase the value of your
home. Although home improvement is necessary when preparing to sell a home, you
can do it anytime to give your home a new look. They can help you realize a
great return on investment. 

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