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Startup Needs to Start Your Own Painting Company

Posted by on Jun 4, 2017 in Painting | Comments Off on Startup Needs to Start Your Own Painting Company

The need to start up your very own painting company depends on the level you want to offer your services. You may start with a small investment in the tools and training, but as you will look to expand your business, you would have to increase your investment. You will have to decide between exterior or interior painting, and all your needs will vary according to it.

Start Your Own Painting CompanyPlan Your Business

Before starting a new business, you would have to plan it carefully. Business plans outlines all details about the type of business, goals, customer type and ongoing operational needs. You should make a clear mission statement along with strategies for marketing and advertising. A business plan acts as a manual to your business and is required to take loans from the lending institutions. Use websites such as score to assist for your business plans or you may hire a business consultant to do the job for you.


You may be an experienced painter but will need professional training to learn expert tips and tricks and complete your work more efficiently. You may join art schools, or you can learn from training manuals on your own. Training companies found online are in buzz these days, but you can also get the required tuning by working as an apprentice to a Painting contractor.

Legal Requisites

Legal necessities are the most exhausting startup need. You will need to acquire permits and licenses. First of all, you will need to decide whether your business structure is a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation or a limited liability company. You will also need the following legal necessities:

a) local business permit
b) state sales tax certificate
c) contractor’s license
d) Employer ID number
e) Taxpayer ID number

All these application forms can be found online and mailed to you.

Painting Paraphernalia
You will need the best tools and equipment to offer the best services. You will learn about the tools required for the training, and you can get additional information from your painting supply distributor. You will need a big and attractive vehicle to reflect your professional image and carry your tools from one place to another.

Advertising and Marketing
You may have the best set of skills in your city, but you need the best advertising and commercialization strategies to attract the customers to your company. You should have an eye-catching billboard and business name. Other marketing materials compromise of business cards, brochures, and vehicle signage. You would also need to print your ads in the local newspapers and community-based websites. Remember startups are not an easy task. Painting buildings is a creative and enjoyable job. You need to have experience and a shrewd nature in to become successful. Painting contractors must have the skills to bid on a job or hire people along with the artistic skills. You will have to do a lot of perseverance and hard work in the beginning but if you remain loyal to your job you will do wonders for your business.



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